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Located on the West Coast of Scotland, less than one hour by train from Glasgow, the Isle of Cumbrae (Millport) is a perfect day trip for local and international visitors alike, with a relaxing 8-minute ferry ride from the mainland town of Largs.

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Nostalgin celebrates the emotional connection and nostalgia Millport holds in so many hearts. Croc Rock Gin honours Millport's Crocodile Rock, one of the most recognised symbols of the island. Restoration Gin commemorates the 2021/22 restoration of Millport's

historic town hall.



Our Millport gin distillery is distinctively positioned as being one of the few all-female-owned gin distilleries in Scotland. We are also one of the only international women’s teams, drawing representation from the UK, Canada and the USA.  

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In choosing our gin botanicals, we have tried to capture the transformation people describe when making the short ferry

journey from Largs to Cumbrae; 

an instant lifting of stress, to a feeling

of calm serenity. Our first thought was Lavender. Discover more about

Cumbrae gin botanicals.

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