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Located on the West Coast of Scotland, and served by dedicated ferry routes, the Clyde islands are the 5th largest of the major Scottish island groups. Only 4 of the 40 islands are inhabited, with Arran, Bute and Cumbrae enjoying thriving communities and regular ferry service. The fourth island, Holy Isle, is located off Arran's east coast, and is a spiritual centre with links to the 6th Century.

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For centuries Scottish islands have produced and perfected world-class spirits. Now for the first time, three premium gin distilleries from the Firth of Clyde come together in one place. Isle of Arran, Isle of Bute and Isle of Cumbrae embody the very best in craft gin production, sharing the flavours and provenance of their region. 

The Clyde Island Gin box is a one-of-a-kind gift set.

Inside each box is a 20cl bottle of hand-crafted Arran, Bute and Cumbrae gins, along with a beautifully illustrated passport and a link to 3 virtual tasting videos.

Gather a group of friends for a gin tasting event, where you can experience the Clyde islands and our gorgeous Scottish island gins from the comfort of your home. Each video acquaints you with our islands and our stories, and introduces you to our carefully selected gin botanicals, ending with a demonstration of a perfect serve gin & tonic.

The passport provides maps, travel information and facts about each island enterprise, as well as an illustrated list of our gin botanicals and ingredients to make your own perfect serve.  

Plan a destination vacation to the Clyde islands with gin as your guide.

Collect each passport stamp. We welcome you to visit each of our island enterprises, where we present unique experiences and stories, giving you the opportunity to utilise your visit as a springboard to discovering the best of what our amazing Clyde islands have to offer.