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A New Gin is Born

A new gin is born! And an exciting new chapter has begun for Isle of Cumbrae Distillers. A year and a pandemic later, the next chapter began this week with the first distillation of our soon-to-be-launched second gin...our first full distillation in Millport... on our fabulous potbelly copper still. Seeing the first drops of gin come out of our still was pure magic! With sincere gratitude to the amazing team at Isle of Bute Gin, who have provided us so much support over the last year (especially the magnificent Simon Tardivel), we are now on our own and the sky's the limit! Scotland is starting to open up and we can't wait to share exciting initiatives with you over the next months. But let's start with our new gin. 4 days and counting until our reveal 1st of April (and that's no joke!), when we'll be selling all 140 of our first batch bottles. Only available online, at our shop...and 6 cases will be sold through our amazing mainland partners Geraldos of Largs.

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