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And the Winner is...

What an amazing response we had to our "name our signature cocktail" contest, with almost 400 entries. Our sincere thanks to Dillon Barrie at Raise the Bar, Glasgow, for creating a great recipe for our signature cocktail, which includes Nostalgin, red vermouth, lemon juice and a "blackberry shrub", a syrup made up of concentrated fruits, sugar and vinegar. Congratulations to Doreen Samson who has won our signature cocktail contest (and a bottle of Nostalgin!) with the winning name the ‘Hush Hush’. As we celebrate the VE Day 75th anniversary, it seems appropriate that we mark the event by naming our signature cocktail the ‘Hush Hush’.

Cumbrae’s Eerie Port, on the northwest shore, was the site of one of the more unusual installations to form part of the Clyde's submarine defences during World War II, a submarine detection base. Comprised of two buildings, the larger building contained amplification devices and hydrophones which were used to listen for enemy submarines and vessels; the small building was the listening room. The buildings became known to Millport locals as the 'Hush Hush', partly because of their clandestine nature, but more because of the quiet needed to detect the enemy. The buildings, which still stand, are now a private residence.

So, when you are next in a Millport pub, don’t forget (very quietly of course) to order a “Cumbrae Hush Hush”. And, of course, once we are up and running tours and tastings, we look forward to welcoming you to our distillery with a sample of our signature cocktail.

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