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Croc Rock celebrates 110 years

He's been riding the waves for over a million years, but only debuted as a Millport “rock’ star 100 years ago, and is much loved and celebrated by locals and tourists alike. You can’t say you’ve actually ‘been’ to Millport without having done two things; rented a bike and cycled round the island…and had a picture taken on top of the Crocodile Rock. But how did the Croc end up transformed into his reptilian form? We know that fairies inhabit the island and are known for their hijinks, but in this case, local folklore attributes Millport Architect Robert Brown as the prankster. The story suggests that Mr. Brown, upon leaving the Tavern Bar after his customary afternoon tipple, was convinced he saw a Crocodile floating in the ocean…and ended up coming back to the beach in a sober state and with a few cans of paint to prove his story. And the rest is Millport history, with our beloved Croc given a fresh coat of paint each year. While there is no record of exactly when the Croc was painted, Mr. Brown was formally recognized for the work in 1913, which makes our beloved Croc officially 110 this year.

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