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Distilling our first 300 bottles

It's been another exciting week for our team with the distillation of our first 300 bottles of Nostalgin. Making an early start Monday, we travelled to the neighbouring Isle of Bute to start training with Isle of Bute Gin distiller Simon Tardivel. What an amazing experience! Simon showed tremendous patience as we asked a million questions along the way. And, at the end of it, we were rewarded with a fabulous tasting gin - Nostalgin - Scotland's newest craft gin!

Like a bunch of school girls, we came back to Millport giddy, and with a

20cl of our first batch gin in hand. Our instructions were to give the gin a bit of air to settle in - we gave her a cooled room, lights off, quiet - didn't want to disturb while she was doing her thing! In fact we gave her a full 24 hours of solitude! And it was worth the wait! With our new tasting glasses having just been delivered, we carefully distributed into 5 equal portions. What an amazing feeling of satisfaction to know that we've made it to this day ; AND that our gin rocks!!!! YES!!!! You definitely want a bottle of this. This IS the spirit of Millport, bottled!!!!

Now we wait for the final confirmation of our opening date.

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