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Let the adventure beGIN!

What happens when five women meet on a beautiful Scottish island and become fast friends? Why, they decide to launch a gin distillery of course!

Join us as we start a BIG, NEW adventure! We are 5 fabulous women from the Isle of Cumbrae, (from left to right) Bronwyn, Jenine, Lynda, Philippa and Juli. We are passionate about our island…and of course, gin!

We’ve been having a great time since we established the company in September 2019, from planning the ideal distillery space and building our recipe (yes, that does involve a lot of tasting!) to designing a unique bottle and label combination that people will want to keep long after the gin has gone.

We hope we have created a bottle that you will want to re-purpose as a special souvenir of your time in Millport. And of course, we hope you’ll love our gin as much as we do. People repeatedly remark that once on their short ferry journey from Largs to Cumbrae, surrounded by the beauty of the islands and the sea, a transformation takes place and all troubles fade away to feelings of calmness and tranquility. And we wanted to bottle that experience!

We have lots of exciting plans ahead for our distillery, from tastings and tours to workshops and special events, but in the meantime we’re working on a multitude of licenses we need to get in place, not only to distill our gin, but to be able to have you taste it and to buy it from our shop. Our plan is to be open summer 2020. If you have plans to visit Millport, make sure to check back for updates or contact us. Let the adventure beGIN!

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