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We want to capture your heart and your imagination by creating more than just a bottle of gin;

we want it to be part of your Scottish island experience, to celebrate the rich Scottish history and culture, the coastal waters and our quaint harbour towns. We have chosen bottle and label designs that we hope will inspire you to keep the bottle long after the gin is gone, to repurpose it, perhaps for a vase, lamp or candleholder. Whatever you choose, when you see one of our gin bottles in your home, we hope it will evoke warm memories of and nostalgia for your experience in Scotland.



Nostalgin celebrates the strong emotional connection and nostalgia Millport holds in so many people’s hearts, especially those who spent their childhood summers here in the 50’s and 60’s. Those who return, now bring their own children and grandchildren, and the connection to the island continues to grow and thrive.


Croc Rock gin celebrates Millport's Crocodile Rock, one of the most recognised symbols of the island for over 100 years. Our main botanicals of cacao and ginger symbolise the love we all have for the Croc, while at the same time recognising the potential danger of the crocodile's bite. 

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Restoration Gin is a limited-edition release, celebrating the restoration of Millport’s historic town hall, a cherished building for the community since 1878. The label, designed by Millportonian Julie Mapes, inspires us to reflect on our history, from the past to the future. The colours represent Millport’s bright shop fronts as well as our feature botanicals of pineapple, mango and elderberry.


An ancient Celtic name meaning 'Star of the Sea', Maura celebrates Scotland's women, who helped shape its history, legends and stories of the sea. We also commemorate St. Maura, who settled on Great Cumbrae in the 7th Century and helped spread Christianity to the West of Scotland.

Our Maura label artist, Hope Blamire, is a celebrated Scottish painter (and self-described gin enthusiast!), whose vibrant artwork captures the coastal landscapes and glistening waters of the West Coast of Scotland. Her artwork is featured in galleries and shops across the UK, and in homes throughout the world.

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