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Thank you Amanda

Many visitors to the distillery will have met Amanda Tennent, an outstanding staff member and colleague, who has been with us for almost 2 years and has received a consistent five star rating for her fabulous gin tours and exceptional customer service. She is passionate about the distillery and the island and we are so grateful for her contributions to the business. You may also know from our social media posts and newsletters that Amanda has contributed a significant numbers of outstanding photos. Amanda has another great passion, and that's photography. You can find her amazing work on several Millport sites, and she has recently created an incredible video series of the island called My Scottish Island. Make sure you link on to the page and follow her journey of life on a small Scottish island.

Amanda has decided to concentrate her passion for photography and digital creation into her own business and will be leaving her work at the distillery. We wish Amanda great success and know she will be amazing in anything she chooses to do.

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