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Nostalgin now available online

Our online shop launched October 28th with 100 bottles of our gin placed into the shop...and we were sold out by the weekend! 

The good news is that we have revived our gin stocks and the shop is once again full of our 70cl Nostalgin bottles ready to purchase. 

And...we have another exciting launch this week with our new 20cl gin bottles, which will be available for purchase in person and online from this Thursday, November 5th. The 20cls are super cute and are a very affordable Christmas present at £15 per bottle (+shipping). Perfect for your favourite gin lover!

Our gin is now making its way to the far corners of the UK and we have loved receiving so many photos and notes from our customers upon its arrival. It's been a busy week packing up boxes and taking them on the long journey to our local post office (delivery Millport style!!!)

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