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Welcoming Maura to the Team

It's been an exciting week for our distilling team with the arrival of our still, which we have named Maura, after the patron Saint of Great Cumbrae. Maura is a 100-litre hand crafted, hammered, alembic copper still and she is absolutely gorgeous! We are very grateful to all those who supported our crowdfund and to BM Engineering Supplies Ltd, who made this special purchase possible. We can't wait for her to start work in the distillery, where she will be able to produce 150 bottles of gin a day.

It was like Christmas day for us when the giant box arrived from Portugal and we worked through the layers of packaging for the big reveal. Meeting Maura made everything seem real and we know that the spirit of the Saint will be part of our "spiritual" journey in gin!

Things are moving quickly for us now and, fingers crossed, we should have exciting news to share with you in the next weeks, regarding our opening date. In the meantime, we do have an important date next week, when we sail over to the Isle of Bute to distill our first batch of gin, with Master Distiller Simon Tardivel.

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